Important Summer Schedule Information


Summer registration for the summer intensives opens on February 15th at 8:00 AM. There will be enough seats for every student to register for classes. However, please register as soon as possible.  Since the Cinema curriculum is based around these intensives, you must register for the appropriate section in order to progress in the program. During this intensive, you will be making films, which requires full-day participation during the entire 6-week or 8-week session. In other words, it is highly advised you do not take on any other commitments during this time in order to fulfill your requirements participate fully during the summer intensives. 

First-Year Students (started Fall 2021): CINE 390-001 Digital Cinema & Production Intensive I – 5/23/22 to 7/1/20220 (12 credits)*** Again, this Section is for current first-year students.

Second Year Students (started Fall 2020):  CINE 390-002  Digital Cinema & Production Intensive I – 6/06/2022 to 7/29/2022 (15 credits) *** Again, this Section is for current second-year students.

Third-Year Students (started Fall 2019): CINE 490-004 Digital Cinema & Production Intensive II – 6/13/22 to 8/5/20220 (15 credits)*** Again, this Section is for current third-year students.

Stay tuned for additional details to follow — including information on student dorms.