Hope Ginsburg’s Meditation Ocean Featured in Art Forum

An essay on Art Foundation and Painting + Printmaking Professor Hope Ginsburg’s exhibition Meditation Ocean is featured in the May 2023 issue of Artforum.

From meditationocean.com

Meditation Ocean works for climate justice through oceanic meditation and responsive terrestrial action. A new milieu for multispecies mindfulness is introduced as meditating scuba divers “breathe with” the wildlife inhabiting each underwater project site. M.O. emphasizes our connection to each other and to all living beings and the nonduality of the social and the environmental.

Viewers encounter M.O. Turtlegrass Meadow, the first iteration of Meditation Ocean, as a gallery installation—an accessible “indoor ocean”—and through its workshops, programs, and other opportunities for engagement. To read about M.O. Turtlegrass Meadow, please go here.

The guided meditations commissioned for M.O. can be heard here.

Meditation Ocean is supported by the Wexner Center for the Arts Film/Video Studio Program and Artist Residency Award in Film/Video.

Read DEEP BREATHING: Annie Dell’Aria on “Meditation Oceanhere.

Meditation Ocean Constellation, M.O. Turtlegrass Meadow, 2023 (stills). Six-channel video installation. Photographs courtesy of the artist.