Golden Acres

Golden Acres

When his son deserts him on their plans for a birthday steak dinner, Paul Hudson, a young-spirited and independent older man, decides to take matters into his hands. Sick of being forgotten and treated like a decrepit old man, Paul and his dementia stricken companion, Chefsy, bust out of their retirement home for a night on the town.

Directed by Shane Torres

Written by Ryan Coleman

Produced by Marah Archer


Paul – Michael Kennedy
Chefsy – Donald “Spec” Campen
Marvin – Kevin Inouye
Hostess – Michaela Rothschild
Receptionist – Pheola Epps

Executive Producer—Dr. Robert Tregenza
Executive Producer—Kirk Kjeldsen
Associate Producer- Spencer Neale
Associate Producer and Writer- Ryan Coleman
Line Producer- Marah Archer
Director—Shane Torres

Production Department

Unit Production Manager—Sheree Chen
1st Assistant Director—Kate Marlette
2nd Assistant Director—Eileen Halpin
2nd 2nd Assistant Director—Stephanie Horton
Script Supervisor/Continuity Expert- Zach Bowman
Transportation Captain- PJ Norton
Locations Manager- Marah Archer

Camera Department

Camera Operator—Jamie Hardesty
1st Assistant Camera—Shawn Ullrich
2nd Assistant Camera—Andy Kennedy-Derkay
2nd 2nd Assistant Camera—Amy Calhoun
Loader—Paddy Moynahan
Video Assist: Maggie Crawford

Art Department

Production Designer—Olivia Blackwell
Art Director—Autumn Dea
Set Design- Marlee Kamis
Set Dresser—Chris Binder
Props Master—Emily Knapp
Wardrobe—Paddy Moynahan
Wardrobe Assistant—Katherine Richardson
Hair/Makeup—Erika Kieffer
Assistant Hair/Makeup-Christine Stoddard
Art Production Assistant—Cathryn Stephenson

Sound Department

Sound Designer/Senior Sound Mixer—Alee Sproles
Sound Mixer—Tara Kelley
Boom Operator—Kai Irving

Electric Department

Lighting Design—Jack Payne
Gaffer—Nathan Neeley
Best Boy—Daniel Ardura
Electrician—Taylor Robinson
Electrician—Zack White

Grip Department

Key Grip—Evan McLeod
Grip—Scott Behler
Grip—James Spence
Grip—Toast Kindler
Dolly Grip—Miles Coulton-Thompson
Assistant Dolly Grip—Ryan Coleman

Craft Services

Crafts Head—Michael Duni
Crafts Assistant—Amy Fox


Casting Director—Anne Chapman
Casting Assistant—Chris Binder
Casting Assistant—Erika Kieffer
Casting Assistant—Andy Kay
Casting Assistant—Lanee’ Sanders

Post Production

Editor—Chandler Honeycutt
Assistant Editor—Zach Bowman
PR-Lanee’ Sanders

Production Facilitation Department

Art Continuity Still Photographer/Set Production Assistant—Chandler Honeycutt
Still Photographer/Set Production Assistant—Phillip Abbott
Assistant to Mr. Campen-Christine Stoddard
Office Production Assistant-Eliot Hagen