GM Keaton – Spit in my mouth

gm keaton exhibition poster

Spit in my mouth

GM Keaton

February 12 – 26*

The Anderson is pleased to present Spit in my mouth from VCUarts Painting and Printmaking alumni GM Keaton (MFA 2020). Keaton’s exhibition includes works by and in collaboration with Roxana Azar, Catherine Haley Epstein, H H, Ty Little, Peat Szilagyi, alx velozo, agustine zegers, and The Center for Human-Animal Interaction.

In Spit in My Mouth, organized by artist GM Keaton, collaboration, ritual, and material enact a porous, transhuman ecology. Categories of participant, spectator, animal, and vegetal are blurred, offering a sweet collapse of self and other into the relational entanglement of being. These queer relations emerge through somatic and sensuous encounters with felted ground, thick scents, edible sprouts, nourishing light, and auditory vibrations.

Artist On Site

The artist will be on site to welcome visitors to the exhibition at The Anderson on Saturday, February 20th (12–5pm) and Friday, February 26th (12–6pm).

Virtual Programming

Originally scheduled for February 18th, the night of programming has been rescheduled to **Sunday, February 21st at 6:30pm.**

Zoom Link for Event at 6:30pm on 2/21

Keaton will share the work from the exhibition as well other artists whose ideas, process, and intuition circulate and enrich the ecosystem of the installation. Participants include Peat Szilagyi, H H, agustine zegers, Ty Little, alx velozo, The Center for Human Animal Interaction, and GM Keaton.

*The exhibition was extended from 2/20 to 2/26.