F L U X, a mutable room | MFA exhibition


a mutable room

FAB Gallery

1000 W Broad St

Richmond, VA 23220

January 26th — February 1

Open with FAB card access

Other appointments email:


Juliana Bustillo

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

Damien Ding

Ellen Hanson

Kelley-Ann Lindo

Connor Stankard

Eleanor Thorp

Over the course of three weeks, seven Painting + Printmaking Graduate students will install, deinstall, or reinstall several works in the FAB Gallery. The pieces will be finished, in progress, being defined, or all of the above. Each day will look differently. It will be a living/breathing space. The objective is to be in relationship to each other, through work, practice, great contrast, similarity and the fact that we are all here making work in this program right now. 

We present a mutable room. All is in progress, all is in flux, this space is an extension of our studios, this space is ours to make what we need of it, this space is for us, we are shaping its future.

Masks are required for anyone to enter the gallery, please maintain social distancing precautions. We will be limiting the gallery to 15 people at a time.