es·sen·tial | Craft/Material Studies faculty exhibition

es·sen·tial: (adjective) absolutely necessary; extremely important
February 10th-February 25th
DePillars Gallery, 1000 W Broad St.

The Department of Craft/Material Studies is pleased to present “es·sen·tial: (adjective) absolutely necessary; extremely important”, an exhibition of work by Adjunct Faculty teaching in the areas of fiber, metal, wood, and clay.

This exhibition celebrates the exceptionally talented Adjunct Professors whose works encompass a broad range of intellectual interests, materials, techniques, sensibilities, and a wide array of approaches.

The exhibition includes a sampling of work by the following artists:
Patrick Carter, Vivian Chiu, Rice Evans, Kathleen Kennedy, Sarah ‘Spee’ Parker, and Alex Younger

Please join us for a closing reception on February 24th at 5pm.