Conscious, Subconscious, (Collective) Unconscious

Conscious, Subconscious, (Collective) Unconscious

February 11 – March 4

Opening Reception: Fri., Feb. 11, 5-8pm

EVENT PROGRAMMING (taking place at The Anderson unless otherwise noted):

February 20: 2pm, Dream Workshop with Psychic medium Evana Roman

February 22: 6:30pm, Pluto Return Ceremony with Hominid Priest

February 24: 6pm, Being Present and Feeling Connected, from VCU Psychology Dept. with PHD Candidate Dr. Polina Beloborodova

February 28: 7pm on Zoom, Consciousness: The Science, Metaphysics, and Poetics with neurologist Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr. Polina Beloborodova, and Filmmaker/ Traditional African cosmologist Marques Redd.

The Anderson is pleased to present Conscious, Subconscious, (Collective) Unconscious, an exhibition of 30 artists curated by VCUarts alumni Peat Szilagyi (Sculpture + Extended Media MFA, 2020) and Monica Kinsey (Art History MA, 2019).

Conscious, Subconscious, (Collective) Unconscious is an exhibition exploring the ineffable notion of consciousness—the cosmic fluid that animates our existence, yet eludes scientific definition. At the nexus of science, philosophy, religion and art, consciousness research is an often goalless pursuit that draws attention to present lived experience while attempting to understand the function of subjectivity. The works by the artists in this exhibition explore consciousness as it is informed by a culturescape of technology, religion and surveillance; the subconscious as an irrational basis for our desires, fears and most abstract impulses; and the collective unconscious as a realm of archetypes and influences both internal and external to unique identity. By lending physicality or language to otherwise inexpressible experiences of dream logic, perception and intuition, the works in this exhibition function as talismans, holding  viewers at the hazy precipice between interior and exterior experience.       

In addition to the works on display, the exhibition will be accompanied by discussions from researchers in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and comparative religions, as well as workshops and performances by intuitive artists and spiritual practitioners. Books on topics related to consciousness research and perceptual exploration are available in the accompanying exhibition library.    

Participating Artists:

Zody Burke

Kendall Buster

Raúl Aguilar Canela

Mahari Chabwera

John Chae

Lowe Fehn

Micah Giraudeau

Joan Gaustad

Carol Golemboski

Julie Grosche & Florian Sumi

GM Keaton

Haley Matis-Uzzo

Molly McFadden

Michael Jones McKean

August Neuscheler

Mariana Parisca

Seven Phillips

Hominid Priest

Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz

Krysta Sá

Troy Scully

Fred Smith

Rob Snyder

C. A. P.  Ward

Danner Washburn

Katherine Wetzel & Elizabeth King

agustine zegers & Peat Szilagyi

Poster designed by Mariah Barden Jones