Community News from Art Education: June 2022 update

Featured image: Students at work during MAE student Hopper Manown’s fall 2021 teaching practicum

PhD student Jenna Gabriel is the recipient of an Abolitionist Teaching Network Grant.

Prof. Yiwen Wei’s research is featured in the publication Studies in Art Education (coauthor: Dr. Jeffrey Broome, FSU) – Same Standards, Different Classes: A Comparative Case Study of Two Art Classes Within Communities of Contrasting Socioeconomic Status.

Prof. Lillian Lewis was interviewed by Richmond Family Magazine.

PhD student Jenna Gabriel joined the Everyday Art Room podcast to discuss the intersection between special education, disability rights, and arts education.

MAE students River Olsson, Celine Anderson, Lizzie Green, and SarahJane Gembara participated in the 6 week Open Space after-school program.

Art Education major Iyana Graham was recently interviewed by VCU News about the best class she’s ever taken. Graham spoke about the impact of the course “Art Education with Disabled Learners” taught by PhD student and Prof. Jenna Gabriel.

MAE student Jazmine Beatty, PhD student Fatemah Khawaji, and alum Dani Gonzalez (BFA ’20) will be presenters at the Adding Voices Conference in October 2022.