Bridget Mullen & Lior Modan at Coustof Waxman

Bridget Mullen & Lior Modan

Anti-Aging Kit

September 8th – October 12th 2019

Opening Sunday, September 8th, 2019 2-5pm

Coustof Waxman is extremely pleased to present Anti-Aging Kit, an exhibition of paintings by Bridget Mullen and Lior Modan. As the title of the show suggests, painting is proposed as a solution; in both artists’ work, layers of decisions reward deep looking in complex ways. In Bridget Mullen’s paintings, forms hover at the edge of familiarity, building and repeating in almost musical rhythms. In Lior Modan’s formed relief works, humor and attention to detail are present in abundance, with an iconography that is at once domestic and deeply individual.

Gallery hours by appointment.

(347) 560-0120


17 Williams Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11207