Theatre Alumni connect through Virtual Reunions in the age of Covid-19 and social distancing

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Many thanks to all of our Reunion contributors!

Many theatre grads also keep in touch over various Facebook groups (run independently by alumni). You can find the facebook group Theatre VCU-Past and Present here, which welcomes all classes!

Class of  1977

reported by L.A. Adams

L A Adams

On November 10, 2019 a random comment made by Geoff Hamby on our Facebook group started things rolling. “Let’s cobble up a good reason for another reunion in Richmond!”  Originally the plan was a long weekend in April.  AirBnBs reserved, people planning road trips and BOOM! Covid-19.

After the initial disappointment of canceled plans and many of us still working online… the natural solution was to move the reunion online. We set up a virtual reunion over Zoom for April 25. We had forty seven people signed up to attend, and twenty eight of us managed to log on (both coasts were represented).  Penny Beene helped to host the event, and Denise Lindsey got us all organized, even though a Zoom call with that many people is inevitably a bit chaotic!  Though we may not have kept in touch, it was good to see the faces. 

As C.J. texted to me afterwards ‘I think we are all still in love with one another.’ I couldn’t agree more.

Special thanks to Tom Wynkoop who could not attend, but made an incredible video of old photos!

— L.A. Adams

Paul Tomayko was the instigator and he reached out to Brad Greenquist, Mark Brandon, Connie Manson, Michele Wagner, Lucinda McDermott Piro, Chris Hoke, Gordon Bass, Julia Frazer Forth and Meg Hardt.  Most of them had gone to NYC together in the years immediately following graduation and so it was great to catch up, reminisce, and share. 

We learned about some of the challenges each of us have had and how we are individually coping with the pandemic and ….. aging. – of which we are doing gloriously. 

Although our locations ranged from New England to Florida to LA, TheatreVCU remains our connective touchstone.  Our love and care for each other has only grown and deepened with time. 

We have all committed to an in-person reunion with more of our peeps who graduated in ’83 as soon as this damn virus allows.

— Lucinda McDermott Piro

Class of  2006

reported by Brad Brubaker

brad bru and the crowd goes wild album cover
Album Cover of How Absurd from Brad Bru and The Crowd Goes Wild

Some of our participants did not actually graduate from Theatre VCU in 2006,  so we called ours a virtual reunion with special guests.  Some of the last names have changed and I don’t remember maiden names but here’s the list of alumni.

Ian Koranek, Becca Bernard, Blair Tinsley, Katie Chenowetz, Dianne Baka, Anna Sosa, James Manno, David Borenk, Andy Waters, Angie Atkinson, Becky Capeheart-Friere, Emily (Watson) Grunberger, James Ogden, Ian Campbell, Michael Blouin, Candice Conner and Michael Hulbert,

It was really lovely – My best to Everyone.

— Brad Brubaker

On April 6, twenty-three classmates (and one faculty member) reunited online. Although most of us hadn’t seen or spoken to one another in 13 years, we all picked up right where we left off. Throughout the 3.5 hour chat, we reminisced about favorite times at VCU, filled each other in on where we are now and laughed until we cried.

At the end, we concluded two things: 1. We will NOT wait another 13 years before having another get-together. 2. Not a single person has really changed…in the best way possible.

No one’s path surprised us, but it did make us all very happy with where their journey has taken them.

I did reach out and the majority voted NOT to have the group picture …something about not wanting people to see their “quarantine hair!”

— Piper Blouin Foley-Schultz

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Stories compiled by Liz Hopper & Jerry Williams for the June 2020 Theatre Alumni newsletter.