2022 Senior Capstone Exhibition: “Some (Sum) of Our Parts”

Spring 2022 Painting + Printmaking Senior Capstone Exhibition

The Anderson

907 1/2 W Franklin St

March 25 – 30

Opening Reception: March 25, 5-8pm

Some (Sum) of Our Parts is a group of mixed media works from 28 individual artists of the VCU Painting and Printmaking Dept. The works in this Capstone Exhibition showcase the artistic achievements and exploration of the graduating classes of Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 and fellow PAPR Seniors. Painting intensive, this exhibition of more than 50 works showcases the breadth, versatility, and investigative efforts of the PAPR cohort. Explorative in nature, both with materials and content, the exhibition proposes a diverse selection of works respective to their creators. 

Steeped in experimentation, the works have been curatorially arranged by students for their facets in exploration of the self, body, research-based works, and material experimentation. We recognize the unique experiences of these artists and their creations, and in the likeness of one another, find themes of memory, self, and understanding that radiate between the works. Despite this curatorial observation, it remains clear that the artists, artworks, and experiences with each exist within their own rites. It is the community we have created and the collective we have fostered that unite these works and is what we come together to celebrate as we depart from the university. The graduated and graduating class of Painting and Printmaking invites you to view and experience the sum of our parts and some of our art.

The opening reception will take place on the 25th of March, with the exhibition being open from March 25-30th.

Poster designed by:

Skylar Simmons

Ophelia Gavin

Alexander Sausen