Matt Wallin is an internationally recognized visual effects artist and filmmaker. For more than fifteen years, he has created compelling visual effects for feature films and broadcast.

During his seven years as a digital compositor at Industrial Light & Magic, Mr. Wallin created 2D and 3D effects for movies such as Twister, The Mummy, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and 101 Dalmatians among others. He has worked for Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Tippett Studio, Weta Digital and MPC on various films including: King Kong, Matrix: Revolutions, Hellboy, Constantine, Beowulf and The Watchmen.
Wallin served as the Visual Effects Supervisor on the American artist Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle, De Lama Lamina and Drawing Restraint 9.
Today he lives with his family near Charlottesville, VA, working as a writer, director, cinematographer, vfx supervisor and educator. More detailed info on the filmmaker can be found at:

Mr. Wallin is the co-host of The VFX Show podcast. The VFX Show is a podcast production of FX Guide and is released every other week. The hosts, including Mike Seymour, Todd Vaziri, Jason Diamond, Jason Wingrove and Matt Wallin, discuss, review and dissect the visual effects in both current and classic feature films as well as episodic TV.

The VFX Show is listened to by visual effects professionals, fans and aspiring artists all over the world. Listeners can download individual episodes at or via a free subscription in iTunes by searching for “VFX Show.”