“Trained in the Russian philosophy and methodology of art education, and having spent almost 15 years studying and teaching under the disciplines of Russian pedagogy, I have developed a system for applying this understanding of and approach art education within an American context. This method, which I have developed over two decades in this country, equips students who, whatever their talent and ability, lack the training in the fundamentals of drawing required of all Russian art students. No Russian art student attempts figure drawing, for example, until he or she has at least four years of preparation. My intense, back-to-basics system compresses this period of preparation into a single semester, addressing anatomy, observation and technical fundamentals, equipping students within an American academic setting to study figure drawing with a confidence in their draftsmanship they would otherwise lack and that prepare them for the artistic challenges they face. Student evaluations over five years consistently demonstrate the success of this system. Students routinely give these courses their highest ratings.”

Albert Epshteyn