Franklin Terrace is an example of Spanish Eclectic Architecture. This apartment house was built on the site of T. C. Williams Sr.’s home. A 1934 advertisement for the building describes the availability of “Two Rooms, Kitchenette and Bath, to Five Rooms and Bath” and mentions the first floor’s “Beautiful Parlors and Lounge, Tea Room and complete dining facilities.” It was the last residential building to be constructed on the 800 block of West Franklin Street, well known for its diverse and daring architecture.

Franklin Terrace is the home of Communication Arts and has been recently renovated. Facilities include well lit spacious studios with top floor views of the city. Two studios are mixed media studios equipped with drafting/drawing tables, two are drawing/painting and mixed media studios equipped with easels, model stand and lights. A new Digital Studio with a 20 seat Mac Pro lab is equipped with scanners, printer and light tables. There is a separate critique studio. Honors studio students have 24-hour access to a five room atelier with their individual work areas and a computer. The large capacity state of the art multimedia lecture room has comfortable seating.