The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Communication Arts

Communication Arts is the study and exploration of the qualities, disciplines and technologies that enable us to create and communicate with insight and vision. Our studies are firmly rooted in understanding the power of image and art to communicate.

Communication Arts includes studies in:
Drawing, which is the fundamental means to articulate ideas; it is elemental to everything we do.

Illustration, which has a rich history that is firmly rooted in drawing, painting, design and print media. It is a discipline that is being expanded by powerful new tools and technologies.

Visual Studies, which encompasses studio, historical, conceptual and theoretical issues that analyze and explore image, media, content and context.

The new Communication Arts curriculum intensifies the drawing component, and increases our design and technology based offerings. The sophomore year builds a strong foundation for a Communication Arts major with introductory courses in communication theory, visual communications history, figure drawing, design, typography and basic communication arts software. The junior year concentrates on the specifics of: concept development, photography, sequencing, traditional and digital illustration projects, and encourages students to take art courses outside the department. The senior year offers the opportunity for students to select from a variety of interest areas within the major (imagery for children, design, art direction, animation, etc) it requires all our students to take a writing intensive course, a course in business practice and ethics, and a portfolio presentation class. All seniors are required to complete a major, comprehensive senior portfolio project.

The new elective courses are designed to reinforce and expand the drawing, design and illustration components of the curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to take additional courses in the study of the figure at the intermediate and advanced levels, to use type and image to solve a variety of design problems, to explore the use of print media to create communicative imagery, to understand the use of 3-dimentional software as a tool to explore the relationship between image and movement, and to develop projects in illustration.

Communication Arts also includes advanced classes in Art Direction, Communication Arts Honors Studio, Communication Arts Internship, Image and Movement, Imagery for Children, Individual Study, Scientific and Preparatory Medical Illustration, Sequential Imaging, Typography, and Web Page Design.

Upon successful completion of course work students are awarded the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.