Here are two links to podcasts featuring faculty, TyRuben Ellingson, where he discusses concept design and special effects.

Taken from Fanboy Confidential:
“[TyRuben Ellingson] has worked on like Jurassic Park, Twister, Men in Black, Avatar, and most recently Pacific Rim.  He’s had a long standing relationship as the go-to concept guy for director Guillermo del Toro so, naturally as we’re celebrating del Toro’s work this month, we pulled TyRuben in for a bit of a talk (over 4 hours!) to learn all about working with Guillermo, as well as for the entertainment industry in general.”


Taken on Blade 2 — Left to right — Wayne Barlowe — TyRuben Ellignson — in front of Profssor Ellingson, Mike Mignola — Tim Bradstreet — Guillermo Del Toro — lastly, 
Leo Duranona story board artist.