is now open for registration. Accepting degree and non-degree seeking students.
Focus on Ideation, Dynamic Research, and Authorship.
Course Reference Number: ARTS 491: Hearth, 3 credits.

Hearth, The Embedded Visualist, is designed as a first person experiential course that will yield and build upon the building blocks of student owned intellectual property and authorship. As technology continues to evolve and empowers those that can author and manifest concept into reality, our students must learn to rely upon their own ingenuity and conventions to solve an ever-expanding set of complex problems. Hearth will empower students to build upon personal experiences to become the authors of their own content.

Utilizing the sketchbook as journal, Hearth students will document dynamic shared group experiences that may include white-water rafting, canoeing, hiking, climbing, biking, and service engaged learning projects. Students will be exposed to the work of Internationally recognized illustrators, artists, and athletes through lectures. Students will be introduced to new ideas in ideation and research and through intensive Blue Sky sessions, will begin forging their shared experiences into their own authored content, directed at the format of their own choosing.

The Hearth course will run Monday and Wednesday (9-12)- Tuesday and Thursday (9- 2pm) from May 13th- May 30th.There is a one time equipment fee due at the beginning of the course of $100.00

Email inquiries: sterling@sterlinghundley.com

Guest artists: Ron Lemen and Vanessa Lemen and other, TBA