Jon Foster is an internationally known illustrator & painter. His work has graced the covers and interiors of books and magazines by publishers such as National Geographic, Del Rey, Harcourt, Tor, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, White Wolf, and Wizards of the Coast. He has won a Gold and two Silver Awards for Excellence from Spectrum, the standard of excellence in contemporary fantastic art. He is also a recipient of the David P. Usher Award/Greenwhich Workshop Memorial Award at the Society of Illustrators in New York in 2001.

His work has been in both the Society of Illustrators and the Spectrum annuals. He has exhibited at the Society of Illustrators in New York, the Attleboro Massachusetts Museum of Fine Art, and the Warwich Rhode Island Museum of Fine Art.

“I am an illustrator based in Providence, Rhode Island. Life is filled with getting work done and trying to improve little by little. In-between time is filled with walking dogs along with the occasional nap. Most of my learning seemed to have happened after art school, but I did indeed graduate form Rhode Island School of Design way back in 1989. There were many years of jobs in retail stores, or trudging through the stacks at the local library as a circulation clerk, before I was able to make a living with my art.

One great help in getting work and feeding the cycle of being seen to get work has been Spectrum, the best in contemporary fantastic art. I have been included in many of the volumes and have won awards on a few occasions. I have also been included in a couple of the Society of Illustrators volumes, one in which I received the David P. Usher Award.
The kind of work I am currently doing can vary from movie storyboards and concept work to editorial illustration for such magazines as National Geographic. In-between these two I find some of my most satisfying work, that being paperback and comic book covers, as well as interior art. In these worlds of symbol and metaphor, I find the spring of imagination and, well, it just seems more satisfying.”

– Jon Foster

Mr. Foster was a Visiting Artist in the Department of Communication Arts in 2005.