Communication Arts Alumna Develops Comic Book Series

Megan James (BFA ’17) has attended the annual Small Press Expo among others to promote her comic book series, “Innsmouth.”

“Typically, someone will walk up to my booth, and I can see that they want to ask what the comic is about, so I try my best to connect with them and tell them a bit about the series. The premise of the story is pretty funny, so I usually get some laughs explaining it. At that point, if they’re into it, they’ll usually pick up an issue or two.”

A successful comic obviously requires eye-catching visuals, but it also relies on a compelling storyline. James credits her VCU education with helping her develop both parts of her craft.

Read the full article in VCU News.

Image: School of the Arts alumna Megan James, standing next to copies of her comic book series, “Innsmouth.” Credit via VCU News.


April 6, 2018