Comm Arts Professor Illustrates for Rock Star Book

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The publisher StarWalk Kids Media is poised to publish multi-media editions of THE BOOK OF ROCK STARS, a book for young adults. The book features a collection of 24 portraits of modern music icons by Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Arts, Stephen Alcorn. The 24 symbolic and highly stylized portraits will be accompanied by biographical profiles written by award-wining author Kathleen Krull. The genesis of the StarWalk Kids Media editions may be traced Alcorn’s series of portraits titled Modern Music Masters. At present, the ever-evolving series consists of approximately 140 relief-block portraits spanning 75 years of popular music history.

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Of the series Alcorn says, “American music in the twentieth century has changed the world. Modern Music Masters pays homage to the men and women who bridged the gaps between tradition and innovation, craft and genius, entertainment and art, music and poetry, composition and improvisation, black and white.”


April 22, 2014