Coffee Bike Helps Rams in Recovery

Assistant Professor in Photography + Film John Freyer’s latest project is being fueled by caffeine.

Freyer during his time in 1708 Gallery’s 5×5 Summer Series, created a coffee bike cart that would be powered by a Ram in Recovery member giving out free coffee to members of the public who were willing to engage in a conversation.

One of the goals of Coffee Bike was to create an engaging conversation starter to help foster conversations around recovery. The hope is for the bike to become a mobile icon of the Recovery Ally Program, that can also be replicated at other universities as a way to reduce stigma and help recruit students into the program.

Lamplighter, one of our favorite local coffee spots, created a special roast, Recovery Roast, for the project. And there isn’t just a pot of coffee sitting in the cedar chest hooked up to the bike, this is a process. The bike driver will create a pour over cup of coffee, which takes about 6 – 7 minutes. The cups stay with cart, so in full, participants invest 15-20 minutes of their time in this special exchange of dialog.

Recovery Roast

This isn’t Freyer’s first project that supports Rams in Recovery. His “Free Ice Water” project was installed at the ICA‘s temporary headquarters last year, and he also performed the project during the Mixed Greens exhibition in Chelsea later that year.

Image: Pat Kane, University Public Affairs, part of VCU’s profile on Coffee Bike. Also, check out this quick video VCU put together with Freyer talking about the coffee bike project.


July 22, 2016