Work With VCUarts Cinema

Student Crew

If you are interested in hiring VCUarts Cinema students as crew members for a project, please fill out the form below with all pertinent information. We will share your listing with students and they will reach out to you if they are interested or available. Filling out the form does not guarantee student participation!


Casting for all VCUarts Cinema films is done through Anne Chapman Casting. Please see their website for all casting calls and other details.

If form is not loading please fill out the form here!

Scholarships and Internships

We are conscious of our students’ financial need and do not require any student to purchase their own filmmaking materials. All filmmaking expenses are covered through the student’s tuition and fees. That being said, we recognize the possibility of significant financial hardship depending on individual circumstances. Financial aid is awarded at a University-wide level.

To find more information on financial aid, please see the University Financial Aid Office.

To see scholarships available specifically to help VCUarts Cinema students, check out the VCUarts scholarships page.