Bust Gallery’s third season introduces new and recent works by a global assembly of mixed media and performance artists, Klaus Pinter, Julio Orto and Beth Campbell and printmaker Mary Rouncefield, showcasing intimate, individual works in a 3”x4” plastic Badge Holder located slightly above the curator’s breast.

The works by this season’s four artists are united by a strong sense of mobility and play. Witty intelligence is threaded throughout, inviting viewers to dance and travel, to stand and stretch, to consider the twinned storiess of the mirror, both word and artifact.

Featured in September 2016, Bristol, U.K.-based artist Mary Rouncefield’s colorful print Dive celebrates the formal beauty of mathematics as it relates to the human form. In October, Brooklyn’s own inimitable Beth Campbell’s white on black prints comprising Future Past, will evolve daily, with the text illuminating a fractured narrative of sorts over time. Los Angeles-based conceptual artist Julio Orto responded to the call for entries with a clever color digital print derived from mapping the analog world in the digital realm entitled, In the Internet Era I Didn’t Have to Leave my Home to be in a Show. Orto’s work will be featured in November 2016 – that month most implicated in the sting of holiday travel. Festive December sees multiple prints in a series called Dance by Viennese Klaus Pinter, whose delicate illustrations, works of art in and of themselves, invite viewers to engage in the animate art of dancing.

Image: Mary Rouncefield, Dive, color screen print

BUST GALLERY invites viewers to rethink how, when and where we encounter contemporary art. BUST GALLERY is about human scale art in an age of selfies and surveillance. The space disrupts the bureaucratic function of the 3″ x 4″ plastic Badge Holder, engaging the public (in)visibility of the aging female body and challenging conventions of exhibition and spectatorship. Works presented at BUST GALLERY will be on view at official functions related to the curator’s position as Chair of the Department of Photography & Film at Virginia Commonwealth University. These will include Administrative Advisory Council sessions; Curriculum, Departmental and Alumni Development meetings, professional conferences, seminars and film festivals nationally. The works will also be seen indirectly by ATM, convenience store, and other instruments of daily surveillance.


September 14, 2016