Graduate Students

Graduate students contribute significantly to the scholarly community within the department. As members of Art History Graduate Students Association (AHGSA), they organize an annual program of guest speakers, professional development workshops, and social events. This important suite of events fosters professional relationships among graduate students, faculty, museum professionals, alumni, and colleagues at other universities and/or in other fields.

Through their monthly meetings, the AHGSA also gathers input about departmental decisions that concern graduate students, such as requests for new technology (e.g., computers, printers, scanners) and policies/procedures for the Graduate Lab, which is a dedicated work space shared by all graduate students. AHGSA officers, who are elected each year, administer the association, while opportunities to serve on event planning committees are available to all members.

Current Graduate Students

Andrea Alvarez, Ph.D. Student, Curatorial Track
Research Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art
Education: B.A., William & Mary
M.A., Virginia Commonwealth University

Sarah Ann Campbell, M.A., Ph.D. Student
Research Interests: 20th and 21st century visual culture and curatorial
Education: B.A., B.F.A., University of Tennessee
M.A., New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts

Portrait of Naomi EdmondsonNaomi Edmondson, M.A. Student, Historical Studies Track
Research Interests: Late 19th and early 20th century art and culture
Education: B.A., College of Charleston

Samantha Karam Encarnacion, Ph.D. Student
Research Interests: 20th century American and European art
Education: B.A., Old Dominion University;
M.A., Virginia Commonwealth University

Hannah Kiefer headshotHannah Kiefer, M.A., Museum Studies Track
Research Interests: Race in 20th-century American art
Education: B.A., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Sarah E. Kleinman, Ph.D. Candidate, Museum Studies Track
Faculty Advisor: Peggy Lindauer
Research Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art
Education: B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder;
M.A., Virginia Commonwealth University

Portrait of Veronica Parker.Veronica Parker, M.A. Student, Museum Studies Track
Research Interests: 20th and 21st century art with a focus on the comic arts.
Education: B.A., Hollins University

Kate Sunderlin, Ph.D. Candidate
Research Interests: 19th century America
Education: M.A., University of Oklahoma and The University of Notre Dame

Saskia Turpijn, Ph.D. Candidate, Historical Studies Track
Research Interests: 15th and 16th century Northern Europe, 19th century reproductive prints
Education: M.A., Virginia Commonwealth University