Art History Graduate Alumni 2005-2017

PhD Alumni

Universities and Colleges— Full-Time Faculty and Administrators

Brown, Kerry Lucinda. (PhD, 2014) Professor of Art History, Savannah College of Art and Design.

Brown, Mikell. (PhD, 2005) Dean, Division of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, John Tyler Community College.

Carr, Harriet (Christian). (PhD,2010) Professor of Art History, Savannah College of Art and Design.

Colaizzi, Vittorio. (PhD, 2005) Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Old Dominion University.

De Armendi, Nicole. (PhD, 2010) Assistant Professor, Department of Art History, George Mason University.

Gerhold, Emily. (PhD, 2012) Assistant Professor of Art History, Director of Sechrest Gallery, High Point University.

Hanson, Debra. (PhD, 2005) Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar Campus.

Havenhand, Lucinda. (PhD, 2007) Associate Professor, Department of Design, Syracuse University.

Hubenthal, John. (PhD, 2005) Associate Professor of Art History, Bristol Community College.

McGuire, Heather. (PhD, 2010) Assistant Professor, Department of History and Art History, George Mason University.

Park-Huntington, Yumi. (PhD, 2010) Assistant Professor of Art History, Framingham State University.

Porter-Phinizy, Carolyn. (PhD, 2010) Administrative Director, Department of Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Richardson, Margaret. (PhD, 2005) Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Art & Art History, Christopher Newport University.

Winn, Paula. (PhD, 2009) Department Chair and Professor, Art History Department, John Tyler Community College.


Universities and Colleges —Part-Time Faculty and Administrators

Fischer, Cynthia. (PhD, 2013) Adjunct Professional Lecturer, American University.

Marshman, Amy. (PhD, 2016) Adjunct Faculty, Department of Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Nicewinter, Jeanette. (PhD, 2016) Adjunct Faculty, George Washington University.

Panbehchi, Michael. (PhD, 2014) Adjunct Faculty, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Shaffer, Michael. (PhD, 2010) Adjunct Faculty, Randolph Macon College.



Davis, Emily. (PhD, 2016 & MA, 2006) Arts Collection Librarian, VCU Libraries, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Keogh, Kristina. (PhD, 2014) Director of Library Services, Ringling College of Art and Design.



Brown, Kerry Lucinda. (PhD, 2014) Museum Educator and Statewide Speaker on the Arts, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Glasser, Susan. (PhD, 2011) President and CEO, Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center.

Hurt, Lee Anne. (PhD, 2006) Director of the Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida.

Lewis, Kathryn. (PhD, 2015) Assistant Site Manager at Virginia House, Virginia Historical Society.

Marshman, Amy. (Phd, 2016) Interpreter, Henricus Historical Park.

Mellado, Marina. (PhD, 2015) Assistant, Painting Conservation Department, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Rau, Paula. (PhD, 2005) President of Board of Directors, Historic Staunton Foundation.

Reynolds, Craig. (PhD, 2015) Museum Director, Branch Museum of Architecture and Design.

Yarger, Colleen. (PhD, 2013) Curatorial Research Assistant, Mellon Collection, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.


MA Alumni

Universities and Colleges – Full-time administrators

Hanbury, Caitlin. (MA, 2012) Stewardship Manager, Development and Alumni Relations, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Mellusi, Laura. (MA, 2007) Academic Administrator, University of Virginia.

Norkus, Susan. (MA, 2015) Donor Relations Associate, Institute for Contemporary Art, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Universities and Colleges – Part-time Faculty and Administrators

Farmer, Brooke. (MA, 2005) Athletic Tutor, Wake Forest University.

Lenhardt, Amy. (MA, 2010) Adjunct faculty, Northern Virginia Community College

Runnels, Jennie. (MA, 2017) Permanent Collection Registrar, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Zilisch, Shanna. (MA,2005) Adjunct Professor, Clinton Community College.

Museums – Full-time

*Alvarez, Andrea. (MA, 2012) Curatorial Assistant at the Albright-Knox Art gallery, NY.

Astrove, Grace. (MA, 2013) Development Assistant for Institutional Giving, The Jewish Museum, NY.

Barlow, Glenna. (MA,2011) Education and Interpretation Associate, Telfair Museum of Art.

Borey, Erica. (MA, 2013) Collections Manager, Wilton House Museum, Richmond.

Bryan, Amanda. (MA, 2008) Events Coordinator, Asheville Art Museum.

Campbell, Emily. (MA, 2015) Architectural Preservation Assistant, Colonial Williamsburg.

Cline, Dana. (MA, 2005) Instructor, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation.

Cochran, Sharayah. (MA 2015) Development Assistant, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Couser, Kristie. (MA, 2013) Curatorial Assistant, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Day, Marisa. (MA, 2011) Assistant Director of Education, Valentine Richmond History Center.

Dotson, Abby. (MA, 2005) Education Manager, Nauticus and Battleship Wisconsin.

Fuqua, Elizabeth. (MA, 2012) Adult Programs Coordinator, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Getty, Karen. (MA, 2006) Coordinator of Tour Services, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Green, Jody. (MA, 2014) Administrative Assistant, Director’s Office, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Holdworth, Ashley. (MA, 2014) Collections Manager, University of Mary Washington.

Kirkpatrick, Penne. (MA, 2007) Assistant Director of Programming, Smithsonian Institution.

Kline, Joshua. (MA, 2012) Curatorial Volunteer, Luzerne County Historical Society.

Kowalke-Jones, Jenna (MA, 2006) Art Installer and Gallery Preparator, Artisphere, Arlington, VA.

Mangold, Matthew. (MA, 2005) Chief Preparator, Vero Beach Museum of Art.

McCarty, Alicia. (MA, 2013) Museum Team Leader at the Center for Integrated Research on he Environment, University of Montana.

McLoughlin, Christinia. (MA, 2006) Grant Writer, Port Discovery Children Museum.

Milot, Jolene. (MA, 2007) Curator at US Customs and Border Protection for Department of Homeland Security.

*Parker, Angela. (MA, 2014) Docent Manager at the Wadsworth Athaneum.

Pettersen-Eriksen, Hanne. (MA, 2006) Museum consultant, Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum.

Rogge, Kathryn. (MA, 2010) Museum Assistant, The Phillips Collection.

Rohrbaugh, Jennifer. (MA, 2007) Programs Officer, Virginia Historical Society.

*Turpijn, Saskia. (MA, 2012) Conservation Technician, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Wilson, Janelle. (MA, 2010) Donor Records Coordinator, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Witek, Jessica. (MA, 2014) Museum Data Support Specialist, U.S. Army Ordnance Training and Heritage Center, Fort Lee.


Museums – Part-time

*Alvarez, Andrea. (MA, 2013) Gallery Manager, The Depot Gallery, VCUarts.

*Duffy, Owen. (MA, 2013) Curatorial Assistant, Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.



Barrett, Anne. (MA, 2006) Archivist/Reference Librarian, Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints.

Roland Coffey (MA ’15) Publishing Assistant, Art Books Department, Yale University Press.

Pate, Jennifer. (MA, 2007) Library Technician, US Army Garrison Stuttgart.

Zacovic, Kelly. (MA, 2013) Library Archivist, City of Savannah, Savannah, GA.


*Current PhD Student