Guest Lecture: Dance to that Flood Song

April 9, 2019

Manuel Chavajay, Casa Hundida (Flooded House), 2015.

In this talk, writer, critic, curator Laura August thinks through disparate experiences of flooding to consider survival strategies in disastrous landscapes. Looking to artists and activists working in Mexico, Guatemala, and the U.S., she connects the experience of being unsettled with so-called “failed” resistance strategies to argue for new visual, sonic, performance, and spoken languages that respond to loss, environmental catastrophe, and instability. Considering anthropologist Anna Tsing’s call for relearning “multiple forms of curiosity” as a necessary survival strategy, August’s talk reflects her long-term collaborations with artists who invite the natural world to be both participant and interlocutor in their diverse practices.

This talk will take place in the Department of Art History, Buford House, Room 202

Thursday, April 18, 4:30pm