Jacynth Serrano Rodriquez Awarded Souls Grown Deep Foundation Internship

February 7, 2019

Congratulations to Jacynth Serrano Rodriquez who has just earned an internship with the VMFA with the Souls Grown Deep Foundation! She is one of three students from across the nation to receive this award. The program is designed for students interested in exploring professions related to museums and the visual arts and features a $10,000 stipend, hands-on professional experience, and a trip to Atlanta to visit the Foundation.

At the VMFA, Rodriguez will work alongside Modern and Contemporary art curators Valerie Oliver and Sarah Eckhardt. During her time there she will be responsible for curating an exhibition of African American artists from the south. Rodriguez credits an augmented reality assignment and an app she created in Visiting Associate Professor Tracy C. Hamilton class that helped her stand out.

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