Required Coursework

A minimum of 48 credits will be required to earn the Ph.D. in Education, which includes both program and concentration requirements. Students may also have the opportunity to take elective courses from the School of the Arts and other areas throughout the university. 

Relevant Master’s Degree
STAT 508 or equivalent

Art Education Concentration
ARTE 701 Issues in Art Education
ARTE 702 History of Art Education
ARTE 703 Contemporary Philosophies in Art Education
ARTE 704 Research in Art Education
ARTE 780 Cultural Diversity in Art & Society
ARTE 800 Advanced Seminar in Art Education

Foundations Courses
EDUS 702 Foundations of Educational Research and Doctoral Scholarship I
EDUS 703 Foundations of Educational Research and Doctoral Scholarship II
EDUS 700 Externship (at least 3 credits must be completed)*

* — Students will participate in and demonstrate their knowledge and skills through a professional placement in a school, arts agency or non-profit setting. The faculty advisor and the externship site supervisor work together to evaluate the student.

Research Courses
STAT 608 – Statistics for Social Research
EDUS 710 – Educational Research Design
EDUS 711 – Qualitative Methods and Analysis
Research elective (e.g., EDUS 661 – Education Evaluation: Models and Designs)

EDUS 890 – Dissertation Seminar (may be waived)
EDUS 899 – Dissertation (minimum of 12 semester hours)

Co-Curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities are designed to help students prepare for careers as research-focused art educators.  Course instructors or students’ advisors/dissertation chairs will supervise these activities, which could include the following:

  • teaching at the university level;
  • attending professional conferences annually;
  • submitting proposals for presentation at professional conferences;
  • presenting at a professional conference before graduation;
  • co-authoring articles with faculty members;
  • submitting at least one manuscript for publication;
  • conducting literature reviews;
  • assisting with faculty research;
  • participating in grant writing workshops;
  • developing and writing grant applications;
  • actively participating in art education service at the local, state and/or national levels;
  • completing leadership and advocacy activities.

For a detailed description of the doctoral course of study, please refer to the Ph.D. information on the School of Education website.


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