Program Sequence

Teacher Prep

Application to Teacher Preparation
(due October 1 for Spring and March 1 for Fall)

All students are required to apply for Teacher Prep during ARTE 311. Students who do not have passing test scores at that time will be eligible to reapply in the fall for spring Teacher Prep admission. Students are granted provisional Teacher Prep acceptance pending successful Second Year Review.

Applications are due to the Licensure Coordinator by established deadlines of each semester. If students do not complete their applications on time with official copies of passing score reports, they will not be guaranteed enrollment in ARTE 401 the following semester.

NEW! Per 2018 Virginia General Assembly changes for individuals seeking entry into an approved educator preparation program, Praxis Core is not required for admission to Teacher Prep.  In response to this new legislation, VCU Art Education is looking forward to developing more holistic admissions criteria. The Departmental Undergraduate Committee will be considering and revising all Teacher Preparation admission criteria during the 2019-20 school year.

Requirements for departmental admission to teacher preparation 2019-20:

  • Submission of completed Application to Teacher Preparation application by established deadline
  • Minimum of 2.8 cumulative GPA, 2.8 in Art Education
  • Successful completion of ARTE 310 and current enrollment in ARTE 311 (6 credits)
  • Completion of UNIV 200
  • Passing scores on required VCLA
  • New: Grade of “B” or higher in VCU Math 131, 141 or 151 OR
  • Passing Praxis I Core Academic Skills for Educators Math exam or exemption with SAT or ACT scores (
  • No record of a felony conviction
  • Completion of the Dispositions Acknowledgement Form (included with departmental application for Teacher Preparation)
  • Successful Second Year Review

*Departmental admission to the Teacher Preparation Program is required for enrollment in practicum courses (ARTE 401 and 402) and Clinical Internship (ARTE 404, TEDU 485 and 486).
*ARTE 401 is a prerequisite of ARTE 402. Enrollment is granted to ARTE 401 and ARTE 402 through an override form from the Department of Art Education.

Second Year Review

A review of student work, GPA and dispositions takes place at the completion of ARTE 311. Reviews are rated “satisfactory” “unsatisfactory” or “provisional.” The student must receive a satisfactory or provisional evaluation from the faculty to continue in the program. Students, who receive provisional approval, will be reviewed by the Chair after each practicum to determine continuation in the program.

Teacher Preparation

Once students are accepted into Teacher Preparation, ARTE 401 and ARTE 402 are completed in sequence (admission is granted to these courses through an override by the Department of Art Education). Students will also complete the Praxis II – Art Content Knowledge exam ( during ARTE 401, before they apply for Clinical Internship (student teaching) during ARTE 402. During Teacher Preparation, students will continue to complete required art history, studio and general education coursework. This includes a requirement for the special education elective, ARTE 450 (or TEDU 330).


  • ARTE 401
  • ARTE 402
  • Praxis II
  • ARTE 450/TEDU 330
  • Art history, studio and general ed coursework

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