Advising Tips

1. Know your bulletin! For example: If you started VCU in 2014, you should use the 2014-2015 bulletin. Your bulletin is also listed at the top of your Degree Works as your “Effective Catalog.”

2. Meet with your adviser at least once a semester during Advising Week. This is important to help you stay on track for graduation! Bring your eServices Transcript and Degree Works to your meetings.

3. Register as soon as you can. Classes fill up quickly so take advantage of your earned hours by registering early.

4. Do not avoid your required tests! Praxis I and VCLA must be passed by the time you enter ARTE 311 in order to apply for Teacher Preparation. This means that you must register and take it early during your first semester. You must have a passing score for Praxis II before you begin ARTE 402 in order to apply for Student Teaching. Putting off this test can end up dragging out your degree by years! Click here for more details about required testing.

5. Be proactive. Meet with your professors early if you are struggling in any way with coursework. This applies to all of your courses, not just Art Education.

6. Check your VCU email. You will receive updates, important info about job opportunities, events and ADVISING through the Art Education listserv. Don’t ignore your emails, or you may regret it later.

7. Meet your application deadlines! There are many applications that you complete as an Art Education major: Teacher Preparation, Clinical Internship, Graduation and Licensure (not to mention scholarships).

8. Participate in NAEA. Students have the opportunity to shape the department through the student chapter of NAEA, a student organization. Get involved early on and stay involved.

9. Maximize your experience! College really is your time to experiment and explore ideas. Don’t be afraid to take risks, go above and beyond the syllabus to enrich your experience while you are here. Consider international experiences! Seek out extra service learning opportunities!

10. Stay organized. Keep a file for your applications, score reports, etc. Don’t rely on the department to keep track for you. Always make your own copies! Bring this file to meetings with your advisor.


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