Program Sequence

Pre Teacher Preparation

During the first two semesters of coursework in the Department of Art Education, students should complete ARTE 310 during the Fall semester and ARTE 311 during the Spring semester. Students should also complete ARTE 250, EDUS 301, and UNIV 200. Additionally, they should take and pass the Praxis I Core Academic Skills for Educators (Math) and the VCLA (more information on testing requirements here). Read more…

Application to Teacher Preparation
(due October 1 for Spring and March 1 for Fall)

Teacher Prep application available here.

All students are required to apply for Teacher Prep during ARTE 311.  Students who do not have passing test scores at that time will be eligible to reapply in the fall for spring Teacher Prep admission. Students are granted provisional Teacher Prep acceptance pending successful Second Year Review. Read more…

Teacher Preparation

Once students are accepted into Teacher Preparation, ARTE 401 and ARTE 402 are completed in sequence (admission is granted to these courses through an override by the Department of Art Education.)  Students will also complete the Praxis II- Art Content Knowledge exam, as well as other required studio and education courses. Read more…

Application for Clinical Internship: Student Teaching
(due September 1 for Spring and February 6 for Fall)

Application for Clinical Internship available here.

Students planning to Student Teach must complete an Application to Clinical Internship the semester before they intend to complete their internship, typically at the beginning of ARTE 402.   In order to be eligible for Clinical Internship, students must have successfully completed or be enrolled in all coursework in the Department of Art Education, art history courses and studio requirements.  Read more…

Clinical Internship

Students are placed by the School of Education in an Elementary (TEDU 485) and a Secondary (TEDU 486) (middle or high school) placement for eight weeks each during their semester of Clinical Internship.  All students are assigned a University Supervisor to act as a liaison for the Department of Art Education and a cooperating teacher at each school.  Students meet weekly through ARTE 404, the student teacher seminar. Read more…

Application for Graduation
(due mid-September for Fall graduates and mid-January for Spring graduates)

During their final semester, students will apply for Graduation from the University.  In order to graduate, students must successfully complete the requirements of their bulletin year. At least 45 upper level credits are required and students must have completed or be enrolled in all required courses. Applications are turned in to the Department with all necessary attachments and reviewed by the Department then sent to the Arts Dean’s office for review. Read more…

Application for Licensure
(due upon completion of degree requirements)

Students that have earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Art Education degree and have passed required tests (Praxis I, Praxis II, VCLA) are eligible for Virginia Licensure. Students can turn in application materials to the Department of Art Education for review during their last week of Student Teaching. Read more…


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