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Nature Inspired Wind Chimes-3rd Grade

posted on November 7, 2017 in Fall 2017, Student Teacher Blog

Third grade studied ceramic artist Priscilla Mouritzen and her tribal pinch-pot series. We discussed how she was inspired by the native tribal symbols from her childhood home in South Africa which she used to decorate her clayworks. The students created three pinch-pots each that had to decrease in size and have a hole punctured in the bottoms.

The students studied different nature-based inspirations such as plants or animals that could be broken down into simple bowl shapes. Once the pinch-pots were constructed and had reached a leather-hard stage, the students used handbuilding techniques to add elements to each pot to depict their chosen subjects.
After the pinch-pots were fired, they used acrylic paint to add various surface decorations and used beads and rope to string their wind chimes. The stringing portion of the project took a full class session and was aided greatly by allowing completed students to assist others in the class.

I am thrilled with the results and how creative the students were with their surface decoration and subject content.


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