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Imaginary Landscapes-4th Grade

posted on November 7, 2017 in Fall 2017, Student Teacher Blog

Fourth grade explored the use of landscape principles and multimedia to create a work of art inspired by an imaginary land to tell a visual story. The class studied the ways that artists Christian Schloe and Jee Young Lee incorporate dream-like imagery and subject manipulation into their works of art.

The students were required to incorporate foreground, middleground, background, and areas of overlap to create a sense of depth in their landscapes. They began by sketching using pencil to plan paint and subject placement.

Once they had their landscapes fully sketched, they outlined all areas and fine details using crayon to experiment with a wax resist technique. The students then colored all large areas using watercolor paint.

Through group discussion and individual planning the students directed, posed, and incorporated a digital photograph of themselves interacting in the environment they had created. The concepts and stories behind each work of art was beyond inspiring.


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