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Second Grade Cyanotypes

posted on October 31, 2017 in Fall 2017, Student Teacher Blog

With second grade, we did a cyanotype lesson by designing patterns and shapes using clear plastic sheets and beans. It was good practice for motor control and the kids who took their time had some really great results.

When we went outside, all of the students watched a demonstration of how to expose their cyanotypes and be careful not to move them. All of the students held down their paper and when it looked like their paper was properly exposed, I demonstrated how to quickly press the paper against their bellies to prevent it from being exposed on the way to the water buckets. We had 6 buckets of water ready outside and as students grouped around I was sure to emphasize how to be gentle with their paper.

Once all of the yellow had been washed off of their papers, each student wrote their name on the back with pencil and sat on the steps to be introduced to some information about cyanotypes. We talked about Sir John Hershel, Lucy Capehart, and Anna Atkins.

The next class we embellished and embroidered on top of our cyanotypes.



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