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Kindergarten Fall Leaf Textures

posted on October 31, 2017 in Fall 2017, Student Teacher Blog

With Kindergarten I decided to focus on texture. Our entire time together we were learning about textures. I started the lesson by reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and talking about the word texture, what it means, and how the illustrator used texture in this book. I knew that texture would be a hard word for K to remember, but the following week when I asked “does anyone remember what texture it?” they were able to say “what it feels like!” with great excitement. We went outside one week and collected leaves. That was sort of chaotic but ultimately a lot of fun. We talked about how all of the leaves are different, even if they are from the same tree! Our art project was using the leaves to create “texture prints.” I was really surprised by how few of the kindergartners could use a crayon on its side. It was sort of a motor skill workshop for them. So many of them would turn the crayon on its side like I instructed, but then wouldn’t understand that rolling it wouldn’t do anything. They had to rub. It was hard for them to do at first, but their leaf prints turned out really beautiful. 

S. Ries


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