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First Grade Inventions

posted on October 31, 2017 in Fall 2017, Student Teacher Blog

First graders were given the unique challenge of creating an invention that could save the world. We looked at solar panels, green roofs, electric cars, Wall-e, and the work of Boyan Slat.

Students were very interested in the idea of something that could suck up trash. Some students did come up with new ideas like creations that would provide food and shelter to animals in need or would suck up smoke in the air.¬†We brainstormed some ideas as a group and then watched a short video about Caine’s Arcade to show them how they can make things from unlikely, recycled materials.

Each table in the classroom had a large bin with materials broken into categories: recycled bottles and food containers, ribbons and fabric, paper and collage materials, and miscellaneous fun stuff. It was definitely hectic, but the kids had a blast and with extra clean up time the room looked good when they left.

When students finished their creations after 2 classes, they drew a picture of it and I went around and helped them write what their invention did to help the earth.

O. Penn


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