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Self Affirmation Lino cuts

posted on May 9, 2017 in Spring 2017

Eighth-grade students learned about the process of linocut and printing as well as the practice of positive affirmations. Students drew a self-portrait of themselves from observation and incorporated a word that would complete the affirmation phrase” I am____.” We talked about how positive affirmations are used like exercise, to use the power of mind to manifest a truth. The process of making multiple prints also symbolizes the mantra of repeating the affirmative statement so it becomes truth. Students were encouraged to choose words like (worthy, capable, enough, successful, intelligent, beautiful, valuable, confident!) Words that can make a positive impact on their lives.


Students then transferred their design onto a block of linoleum, carved,  and made multiple prints of their images. Students learned about drawing from observation as well as using proportional facial features.


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