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Personifying Emotions with Ceramics I

posted on May 5, 2017 in Spring 2017, Student Teacher Blog

By:Emily McKenney

During my time in my secondary placement, I had the awesome opportunity to work with a Ceramics I class. This was so exciting to me because I love ceramics and there wasn’t a course like this offered at my high school. I decided to do a relief project with students who had been using clay primarily to make functional object before I got there. I wanted to do a project that really emphasized ceramics as an art practice rather than just a way to make bowls and mugs. I decided to do a project on emotions, and how to personify emotions that you feel connected to. Students began by choosing an emotion to work with and brainstorming different ways to depict this emotion as a living thing. Then they created and fired their projects before painting them and applying an alternate material. The alternate material aspect of the project allowed students to get really creative, and consider the ways that clay can interact with other art-making supplies.

Word: Separation


Word: Contempt

Word: Dread


Students expressed a true enjoyment of this project, and all made incredible work. I would definitely do this lesson again with a ceramics, 3-D/crafts class, or an ARTII/III course!


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