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Donor’s Choose

posted on May 5, 2017 in Spring 2017, Student Teacher Blog


The lone display case for art

Until this handy dude put up another one!

Student Samplers

Good job students!

With my teacher’s blessing, he suggested I make a donor’s choose for the supplies I would use for my project at my secondary school. All I really needed was thread, needles, beads, and hoops, but he suggested I throw in another display case. The school has terrible walls for hanging stuff and all the cases except for the one he already got from Donor’s Choose are filled with trophies. This leaves very little student art in the building.

Even though it added a considerable amount to the Donor’s Choose, it still got funded! Donor’s choose is amazing and now there are two identical display cases. I wish I was there for longer because I’d really like the students to practice putting their own work up.

As soon as my students were finished with the first part of their project which was an embroidered sampler, I put some in the case and they looked amazing all together!


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