March 19, 2019

Project Preview with Hope Ginsburg, ARI Fellow

Swirling is a new multichannel video with sound by ARI Fellow Hope Ginsburg in collaboration with Matt Flowers, and Joshua Quarles. Swirling captures the processes of underwater coral farming and reef restoration and brings them to viewers in vignettes highlighting human ingenuity and folly in the face of catastrophic climate change.

The Arts Research Fellow is supported with time to develop research projects through three course releases for the academic year as well as space to test and present exploratory works. Swirling was produced with a Film/Video Studio Residency at Wexner Center for the Arts this past fall. The final installation is under development for Ginsburg’s solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum at the University of South Florida next spring. During the fellowship year, Ginsburg developed Meditation Ocean, which she will prototype in the new ARI video projection space.

Swirling runs concurrently with Beautiful Words are Subversive, a project by VCUarts graphic design faculty Nontsikelelo Mutiti in collaboration with Tinashe Mushakavanhu.  Both will be on view through July 30th.