Lucid Art Foundation

Lucid Art Foundation (Iverness, California – United States) provides artists with a serene, retreat-like natural environment for creative exploration and inquiry into arts and consciousness. Eligible artists must have an MFA or equivalent in independent studio work. Artists working in the visual arts, video/new media, music composition, and choreography will be considered. A short biography and recent résumé of artistic activities (exhibitions, performances, publications, etc.) from the last five years is required with the application, as well as an artist’s statement providing information about your work in relation to the mission of the Lucid Art Foundation (max. 1,000 characters). Submission of ten images of work created within the last two years for visual arts or three videos (max. 60 MB) or three audio files (max. 30 MB) from the last two years for new media/video, music composition, and choreography is also required.