Surface Charge

September 23-December 4, 2005
Curated by Gregory Volk and Sabine Russ

Ragna Robertsdottir | Karin Sander | Odili Donald Odita | Elana Herzong | Lawrence Weiner | Karina Peisajovich
Kim Schoenstadt | Katrin Sigurdardottir | Maix Mayer | Lisa Sigal | Sally Smart

This exhibition featured works by eleven internationally acclaimed artists. A standard museum practice is to import art works in order to display them on the walls or on the floor; Surface Charge aims to thoroughly alter this practice. Works in the exhibition were created directly on and with the walls of the Anderson Gallery, turning its very surfaces into active forces, as opposed to neutral supports. A variety of techniques will be used, and most of the works will exist only for the duration of the exhibition.

Most of the artists– who hail from Argentina, Australia, Germany, Iceland and the United States– were present during a ten-day installation period. Students from VCUarts provided assistance, resulting in a unique educational opportunity.