Summer Mixer: From the Collection of Eclectic Electric

Summer 2012 Exhibition
May 24-July 29, 2012

Curated by Traci Garland, Anderson Gallery Coordinator, and Michael Lease, Head of Exhibitions and Design

Cool indoor breezes, the whir of a milkshake mixer, and the sizzle of hot dogs on an electric rotisserie: all familiar summertime sensations that rely on readily available electrical current and other technological achievements that mark the first half of the 20th century. Summer Mixer: From the Collection of Eclectic Electric features small appliances—manufactured between 1920 and 1970—that range from the highly practical to the whimsically novel. These examples highlight the era’s unique design aesthetic and the mid-century American fascination with electrical appliances of all kinds. Summer Mixer includes nearly forty objects selected from Eclectic Electric, a collection of thousands of small appliances amassed by Richmond’s Osdene family over the past 25 years.