January 27-March 5

Bob Paris, a video artist and professor in VCUarts Department of Kinetic Imaging, resurrected scenes from the television coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles riots for this ambitious installation that explores the link between social disaster and television product. Distorted and transformed through analogue video synthesizers and rendered in black and white reminiscent of early television, the once familiar images of our conflicted history are made distant and alien– a stark and tragic transmission viewed from a far-off planet.

The centerpiece of the exhibition, Disturbance: 22 Minutes of Television from April 29-May 2, 1992, derives solely from a single tape of television footage haphazardly recorded by the artist over a two-day period during the LA riots. Displayed on three large screens, the work features a highly choreographed interplay between the footage of riots, newscasts and commercial to create and eerie revisiting of events.

Image: Bob Paris, Disturbance (video still), 2006.