2010 Student Exhibitions

April & May 2010

Juried Undergraduate Fine Arts, Design & Kinetic Imaging | April 1 – 18
Fine Arts Juror: Hamza Walker, Director of Education and Associate Curator, Renaissance Society, University of Chicago


MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Round I | April 23 – May 2 • Round II | May 7 – May 16

Students exhibiting work in the first round:  Craft/Material Studies Younseal Eum, Andrea Donnelly,  Nathan Hansen, and Sarah Turner;  Kinetic Imaging Ali Miharbi;  Painting & Printmaking Leah Beeferman,  Janet Bruhn, and Jonathan Marshall; Photography & Film John Hendershot;  Sculpture + Extended Media Timothy Bearse.

The first round also included work by Interior Environments students Christy Addis-Gutierrez, Anna Givens, Shalen Bradford,  Erin Richardson, Jeannie Jones, Scott Grooms and Lauren Martin.

In the second round, students showing work were: Craft/Material Studies Aaron McIntosh and Hiromi Takizawa; Painting & Printmaking Seth Alverson, Nicole Andreoni, Genesis Chapman, Hon Chen, Kristen Rego, Yi Sheng, and Lana Waldrup;  Photography & Film Stephanie Benassi; Sculpture + Extended Media Nicholas DesCognets, Benjamin Jurgensen, Ian McMahon, Nataliya Slinko and Hannah Walsh.