2009 Student Exhibitions

March – May 2009

Juried Design & Kinetic Imaging | March 20-29

Juried Fine Arts | April 10 – 19

Juror: David R. McFadden, Chief Curator and Vice President for Programs and Collections, Museum of Arts and Design, New York

MFA Thesis Exhibitions

Round I | April 24 – May 3 • Round II | May 8 – 17

Students exhibiting work in the first round are: Gabriel Craig (Craft/Material Studies); Ryan Gothrup (Craft/Material Studies); Jennida Chase (Photography & Film); Jill Zevenbergen (Painting & Printmaking); Kate Kisicki (Painting & Printmaking); Susana Almuiña (Craft/Material Studies); Cari Freno (Craft/Material Studies); Keith Mendak (Craft/Material Studies); Brian Taylor (Sculpture + Extended Media); and Hassan Pitts (Photography & Film); Mia Feuer (Sculpture + Extended Media), as well as all students seeking degrees in Interior Design: Chris Arias, Jennifer Farris, Jonathan Janis, E. Darrell Gardner, Cylvia Jones, Sara Streeter, Valentina Moore Passerini, and Kelly Warner.

The second round will feature work by: Anthony Klotz (Painting & Printmaking); Patrick Cadenhead (Sculpture + Extended Media); Nia Burks (Photography & Film), Maria Pithara (Sculpture + Extended Media); Ryan Lauterio (Painting & Printmaking); Akiko Jackson (Craft/Material Studies); Jon Sutter (Craft/Material Studies); Josh Bonnett (Painting & Printmaking); Julie Nagel (Sculpture + Extended Media); Toshi Tanaka (Craft/Material Studies); Althea Georgelas (Kinetic Imaging); and Chris Mahonski (Sculpture + Extended Media).