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2015 Student Exhibitions

Undergraduate Fine Arts, Design & Kinetic Imaging Exhibitions | March 26-April 5
MFA Thesis Exhibitions: Round 1| April 10-26
MFA Thesis Exhibitions: Round 2 | May 1-17

Myron Helfgott: An Inventory of My Thoughts

January 16 – March 8, 2015
This retrospective of sculptor Myron Helgott’s work covers nearly 45 years of production, from the early 1970s to the present. Influenced by literature, film, and architecture, Helfgott incorporates audio, kinetics, photography, assemblage, projections, and traditional sculptural materials to address such diverse subjects as the self-portrait, landscape painting, and gender and age transformation.



Opening Friday, September 5, 5-8 pm
Amy Balkin | Adriane Colburn | Blane De St. Croix
Mark Dion | Julie Heffernan | Gideon Mendel
This exhibition brings together recent work by six artists whose creative practices are propelled by keen attention to the insidious effects of human impact on the planet, in light of escalating environmental disaster.

Guy Ben Ner: At Home

June 6 – August 3
Widely admired for his humorous, ingeniously inventive videos starring himself and his children, Israeli artist Guy Ben Ner draws inspiration from literary classics, silent movies, documentaries, television sitcoms, survival shows, instructional videos, and Hollywood blockbusters.

Imbricative: Drawings by Jack Wax

June 6 – August 3
While Jack Wax is well known as a sculptor who uses glass to make contemplative abstract works, this exhibition surveys his drawings, a parallel activity and means of artistic discovery begun eight years or so ago.

Michael Lease in the Cool Spot Lounge

June 6 – August 3
For the past decade, Michael Lease has photographed his friends, family, and neighbors; the places he’s lived; and the locations he’s visited. Now numbering in the thousands, the resulting images make up an archive entitled For the Lack of Words, from which Lease has selected three vivid examples for display in the gallery’s lounge.

LaToya Ruby Frazier: A Haunted Capital

January 17–March 9, 2014
This exhibition uses social documentary and portraiture to create a personal visual history of an industrial town’s decline. Through 44 photographic works of her family and their hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania, LaToya Ruby Frazier offers an intimate exploration of the effects of deindustrialization on the lives of individuals and communities.

Ester Partegàs: You are Here

January 17-March 9, 2014
Ester Partegàs often addresses the most banal aspects of the urban landscape with a keen eye for telling details that otherwise would be overlooked or dismissed.


Nancy Spero: Towards Liberation

September 6-December 9, 2013
Nancy Spero’s groundbreaking career as an artist and anti-war activist spanned more than fifty years. This exhibition features over two dozen rarely seen collages from the 1980s and 90s that reveal Spero’s innovative approach to printmaking in scroll-like expanses of paper, as well as her lifelong engagement with contemporary political, social, and cultural issues.

Bohyun Yoon: Neighbors

September 6—December 9, 2013
Bohyun Yoon uses the special properties of glass and the play of light and shadow to create installation, sound, and video works that often incorporate performance and the body as a multifaceted metaphor.

Project 35: Volume 2

September 7-December 8, 2013
Project 35: Volume 2 is an eclectic compilation of 35 works selected by an international group of 35 curators exploring video as a contemporary art medium. The series will be presented in four parts, changing every three weeks, with eight or nine videos featured in each installment. Individual works range in length from two to 26 minutes.

Hilary Wilder in the Cool Spot Lounge

September 6-December 9, 2013
Hilary Wilder will unveil a large-scale painting made especially for our gallery lounge. With this project, she continues to investigate the role of place, memory, and desire through the genre of landscape.

Sanford Biggers: Codex

May 23- August 4, 2013
Sanford Biggers has achieved international prominence over the last decade with a diverse body of work that explores themes of identity, race, African-American history, and spirituality, often by blending installation and performance. In Codex, his most recently completed project, Biggers continues to probe these themes through another stylistic departure: painting on historical quilts, many of which were gifts to the artist from descendants of slave owners.

Jacob Lawrence: The Harriet Tubman Series

May 23-August 4, 2013
In the 31 panels making up the Harriet Tubman series, Lawrence masterfully combined image and text to recount the life of this heroic American abolitionist, who helped more than 300 slaves reach freedom by way of the Underground Railroad.

Ron Johnson in the Cool Spot Lounge

May 23-August 4, 2013
Widely admired for his abstract paintings on panels, Ron Johnson also modulates color, shape, line, and transparency to stunning effect in large-scale, architecturally integrated installations—most recently, in a new work made for the gallery’s summer lounge. Painting, cutting, layering, and folding strips of Mylar, he manipulates the translucency of this plastic film to create an ephemeral experience for the viewer that changes with light and movement.


Steven Holl Architects: Forking Time

September 13-October 18, 2012
OFF SITE: Virginia Center for Architecture

This exhibition offered an in-depth look at the design process for the new Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU, created by Steven Holl Architects. Coordinated by the Anderson Gallery for the VCU School of the Arts, Forking Time included more than 30 study models with numerous concept drawings and digitally animated renderings.

Rosemarie Fiore: Fireworks

May 24–July 29, 2012

Fiore employs unconventional, process-oriented methods of production to explore the tension between unpredictable and premeditated elements in her artwork.

Jennifer Steinkamp: The Vanquished

May 24-July 29, 2012

Using large-scale video projections, Steinkamp creates motion-and-color-filled spaces in which lush virtual images of blooming flowers, dancing trees, or purely abstract forms sway and twist as if propelled by unseen forces.

Summer Mixer: From the Collection of Eclectic Electric

May 24-July 29, 2012

Summer Mixer: From the Collection of Eclectic Electric features small appliances—manufactured between 1920 and 1970—that range from the highly practical to the whimsically novel. These examples highlight the era’s unique design aesthetic and the mid-century American fascination with electrical appliances of all kinds.

you, your sun and shadow

Curated by Michael Jones McKean | January 20-March 11, 2012

You, your sun and shadow introduces to Richmond audiences the work of ten sculptors—both veterans and relative newcomers to the international art scene. This exhibition offers a singular opportunity to explore a significant aspect of contemporary sculpture from the personal perspective of an artist who is himself highly regarded as an innovator in the field


Environment and Object • Recent African Art

September 9 – December 11, 2011

Organized by the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College, this exhibition examines recent African art according to two fluid and often intertwined aesthetic and conceptual frameworks


Sponge HQ

Sponge HQ (2010–2016), was invited to take up residence at the Anderson Gallery in 2009 by Director Ashley Kistler. “The HQ” was an interdisciplinary workshop, classroom and project space, organized around student collaboration. Having evolved from the participatory and pedagogical art project Sponge (2006–2016), the Sponge HQ “attached itself” to the university much the way…

The Nameless Hour: Places of Reverie, Paths of Reflection

November 19, 2010 – February 20, 2011
Invoking what the philosopher Gaston Bachelard identifies as “working reverie,” each artist in this exhibition turns an extraordinary and precise attention to physical elements of the world and of landscape, opening spheres of thought and imagination that produce receptive quiet, free play, and deep reflection.

Imaging South Africa: Collection Projects by Siemon Allen

August 27 – October 31, 2010
This exhibition offered the most comprehensive presentation to date of South African artist Siemon Allen’s “collection projects.” Over the last decade, Allen has created expansive installations of various mass-produced ephemera that he has methodically acquired and catalogued.

Social Skin

May 28 – August 1, 2010
Social Skin- the third in a biennial series of exhibitions collaboratively curated by VCUarts Museum Studies students-included an eclectic mix of artworks and objects that present, explore, and delight in the body as cultural artifact.

Amy Hauft | Counter Re-formation

November 20, 2009 – February 21, 2010
Amy Hauft combines shifts in scale and perspective, the arcane craft of sculpting sugar, art-historical references, and metaphor to create a rich perceptual experience for viewers of her installation.

Francis Cape | Home Front

November 20, 2009 – February 21, 2010
The sculptures and images making up Francis Cape’s exhibition stem in part from his experiences as a disaster-relief worker in New Orleans.


Richard Carlyon: A Retrospective

September 11 – November 1, 2009
This exhibition and an accompanying catalogue documented the artistic career of Richard Carlyon (1930-2006), a pivotal figure in the Richmond arts community.


May 29 – August 1, 2009
Artists’ response to place covers wide terrain in this exhibition, which featured work by Martin Parr, Michelle Van Parys, Olaf Breunning and Theresa Pollak

The Beaded Prayers Project

January 16, 2009 – March 1, 2009
This companion exhibition on the Gallery first floor was initiated in 1998 by artist Sonya Clark, who is chair of the VCUarts Department of Craft/Material Studies. Now comprising over 5,000 sealed beaded packets made by individuals from 35 countries


The Divas and Iron Chefs of Encaustic

September 19 – December 7, 2008
Featuring the work of eight contemporary artists who explore the seductive surface, luminous colors and layered images that are unique to encaustic, the ancient medium of pigment mixed with wax.

Landscapes without Memory: Photographs by Joan Fontcuberta

September 19 – December 7, 2008
Best known for his exploration of the interstices between art, science and photographic illusion, Barcelona-based artist Fontcuberta created these 40 large- scale prints using computer software that transformed well-known paintings and photographs into virtual landscapes.

Fiona Ross: The Thread in the Labyrinth

June 20-August 2, 2008
Fiona Ross interprets the concept of “threading”- a meditative journey one would take walking through labyrinth, with a site-specific installation. Ross’ sometimes delicate, sometimes heavy-handed use of Japanese Sumi ink line proves reminiscent of both ancient calligraphy and airy traditional Japanese landscape.

Rob Matthews: Knoxville Girl

June 20-August 2, 2008
Rob Matthews’ haunting narrative drawings are based loosely on actual murders in Knoxville, Tennessee and on the Appalachian ballad, “Knoxville Girl.” He creates a morality tale through use of only intricate graphite line and stark white backgrounds.

Portraits: More Than Just A Pretty Face

June 20-August 2, 2008
Portraits: More Than Just a Pretty Face is an exciting, diverse display of artworks in a range of media including contemporary works by internationally renowned artists Cindy Sherman and Chuck Close, celebrated regional artists Thomas A. Daniel and Theresa Pollak, emerging artists Timothy Rusterholz and Chinonyeelu Amobi, and pieces from the Anderson Gallery’s permanent collection. This exhibition was co-curated by VCU Art History students.

Familiar Faces

January 18-March 2, 2008
Curated by Sonya Y.S. Clark | Featuring work by Lia Cook, Kim Kamens, Devorah Sperber, Na-Jung Kim, and Xiang Yang
This exhibit brings together the work of five national and international artists who capitalize on two truths: 1) we are innately wired to identify faces and 2) we are constantly in contact with cloth.

Gord Peteran: Furniture Meets Its Maker

January 18-March 2, 2008
Toronto’s Gord Peteran has launched a boundary-crossing career, opening up the category of furniture to an unprecedented range of psychological and conceptual content. This exhibition was organized by the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Chipstone Foundation with generous support from The Windgate Charitable Foundation.



June 15 – August 11, 2007
Transformer featured dynamic artists who address issues of role-playing, racial and gender stereotypes, and gender identity through employing alter egos in their work.

Gerald Donato: Reinventing the Game

January 26 – March 4, 2007
Featuring over forty years of this celebrated artist’s paintings, drawings and prints. Through his trademark emblematic icons, “Mr. Man”, “moon face” and other mysterious images, Donato pulls the viewer into his out-of-kilter world with an always-inventive approach.


Artificial Light

September 15 – October 29, 2006
Curated by John B. Ravenal
Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla | Spencer Finch | Ceal Floyer | Ivan Navarro | Nathaniel Rackowe | Douglas Ross
Using the theme of “light as sculptural material,” the exhibition will feature dynamic new work by emerging and underexposed international artists whose primary material will be various forms of light—natural and artificial.

From the Seat of Authority

June 16-July 29
This exhibition, curated by graduate students in VCUarts’ Museum Studies program, explored how museum presentations reconfigure meaning and reception of artworks displayed apart from the contexts of their conception, original function or cultural significance. In this exploration, visitors were invited to share the curators’ sear of authority with labels written as conversation starters. Selections were drawn from the Anderson Gallery’s permanent collection.

Highlights: Print Selections from the Permanent Collection

January 27-March 5
This exhibition, a curatorial collaboration between David Freed and Barbara Tisserat– both former professors in the VCUarts Department of Painting and Printmaking– included 35 prints that traverse centuries, technologies and worlds.


January 27-March 5
Bob Paris, a video artist and professor in VCUarts Department of Kinetic Imaging, resurrected scenes from the television coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles riots for this ambitious installation that explores the link between social disaster and television product.


Surface Charge

September 23-December 4, 2005
This exhibition featured works by eleven internationally acclaimed artists. A standard museum practice is to import art works in order to display them on the walls or on the floor; Surface Charge aims to thoroughly alter this practice. Works in the exhibition were created directly on and with the walls of the Anderson Gallery, turning its very surfaces into active forces, as opposed to neutral supports.


June 17-August 6, 2005
In this exhibition, guest curator and sculptor, Amy Hauft created four curious equations. After visiting the studios of the four artists, Hauft culled the permanent collection of the Anderson Gallery for works that would act as instigators for each artist. She selected artworks that highlighted unexpected relationships between the historical and the contemporary in each of the artists’ projects. Hauft took an artist’s – rather than curator’s – prerogative in her eccentric presentation of the historical work in relation to the new projects.

The Bad Boys of Photography

June 17-August 6 Curated by Amy Moorefield The exhibition featured 34 images by 14 photographers culled from the Gallery’s extensive photography collection.  Bad Boys will showcase the rebellious nature of some of the most famous photographers with a focus on extreme methods of process, subject matter and persona. The exhibition roster includes such 20-21st century…