Alumnus Creates Affordable Art

Steve Keene (BFA ’82) is selling thousands of small paintings for $10 or less at the latest show in Roanoke College’s Olin Hall Galleries. The exhibition will be up until October 8.

Keene first exhibited at Olin Hall 10 years ago, when he was artist-in-residence at Roanoke College. A Roanoke Times news story described a scene worthy of Black Friday. “People weren’t just buying Keene’s paintings. They were buying them by the fistful, by the armload. Broke young twentysomethings, college students, even a 6-year-old named Judah were snatching up paintings by the real, full-time professional New York artist.”

“I [Keene] feel that I’m a folk artist living in Brooklyn,” he said. “It’s a novelty, what I do. It’s meant to be pleasurable, but I take it very seriously. It’s meant to draw people in, not meant to be exclusive.”

Read the full article in The Roanoke Times.
Photo courtesy of Olin Hall Galleries for The Roanoke Times. 

September 12, 2017