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GOlab Services and Equipment

Digital Large-format Printing

close up of digital large-format printer

Our HP Designjet T7100 runs bond paper, commonly used for electronic printing and is very lightweight. Colors on bond paper tend to lack saturation and contrast. See price chart below. Our Canon IPF8400s and IPF8100 are our higher-quality machines. They are both capable of printing matte, satin, process film, and glossy. Matte is a heavy weight photographic paper stock that has almost no reflective coating on the paper. The matte coating the paper does have prevents ink from fully absorbing into the stock, so it is still able to maintain vibrant color with high contrast. Satin is a lighter weight photographic paper stock that has a pearlescent sheen that exceeds that of matte but is less reflective than glossy. Process film is a milky transparency that is best used for photographic processes like screen printing and in dark room photography. Glossy is a heavy weight photographic paper stock that has the highest reflective sheen and produces high color definition. See price chart below.

See our policies and procedures to make sure you’re ready to print! If you need specifics on how to save your file, see our resources.

Paper Prices

Paper Prices
Universal Bond Paper
$1.00 per sq. ft.
12″ x 18″ — $1.50
18″ x 24″ — $3.00
24″ x 36″ — $6.00
36″ x 48″ — $12.00

Matte or Satin Paper
$3.00 per sq. ft.
12″ x 18″ — $4.50
18″ x 24″ — $9.00
24″ x 36″ — $18.00
36″ x 48″ — $36.00

Process Film or Glossy Paper
$5.00 per sq. ft.
12″ x 18″ — $7.50
18″ x 24″ — $15.00
24″ x 36″ — $30.00
36″ x 48″ — $60.00

*Since the GOlab runs large format printers, any file that has dimensions under 19 inches is susceptible to an upcharge to account for paper waste. See our policies for specifics.

Fabric Printing

The Epson SureColor P8000 is a high quality inkjet printer that handles our fabric printing. Currently, the lab offers a white sateen as the only option available for $4.00 per square foot. The maximum print width for the sateen roll is 42 inches. The GOlab cannot print on outside fabric.

The sateen has a paper backing to help prevent the ink from bleeding through the fabric. This can be removed after printing with ease. After printing, it is highly recommended that you run the fabric through a heat treatment, whether that is an iron or your dryer at home. If it is a dryer, we recommend the highest heat setting for an hour. This allows the ink to be sealed into the fabric and will allow you to wash it if needed.

See our policies and procedures to make sure you’re ready to print! If you need specifics on how to save your file, see our resources.

Fabric Prices

Sateen Fabric
$4.00 per sq. ft.
12″ x 18″ — $6.00
18″ x 24″ — $12.00
24″ x 36″ — $24.00
36″ x 48″ — $48.00

Risograph Printing

risograph print

The risograph is a digital duplicator made for high volume printing. We have nine colors: blue, black, bright red, hunter green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, yellow, purple, and green. It can print only one color at a time. The original image is scanned by machine and burnished into the master sheet with tiny heat spots on a thermal plate.

The risograph is self-operated and requires an appointment, with GOlab staff providing students and faculty the necessary demos and aid to run. The GOlab does not provide paper for the risograph. Paper can be purchased by the customer at a nearby office supply store, Lindenmeyr Munroe, or ordered from a company such as French Paper Co. The max size of paper for the risograph is 12×18.

The risograph requires a minimum of 5 copies per master. Each master costs $1.00. Depending on the page size (up to 12×19 with 11×17 being full bleed) and the number of colors, the price changes. Please see the price chart on the next page.

Each layer of ink requires two hours of drying time minimum before it can be run back through the machine for another layer. If another person’s design or a different ink color is imprinting on yours, you haven’t waited long enough.

Risograph Prices

 Page sizeNumber of printsNumber of printsNumber of prints
5 to 2021 to 100100+
1 Color
8.5 x 11$0.35$0.11$0.08
1 Color11 x 17$0.50$0.15$0.10
2 Colors8.5 x 11$0.38$0.19$0.13
2 Colors11 x 17$0.60$0.25$0.15
3 Colors8.5 x 11$0.68$0.34$0.26
3 Colors11 x 17$0.90$0.45$0.35
4 Colors8.5 x 11$0.93$0.45$0.38
4 Colors11 x 17$1.05$0.60$0.50
5 Colors8.5 x 11$1.05$0.68$.056
5 Colors11 x 17$1.25$0.90$0.60
6 Colors8.5 x 11$1.25$0.90$0.60
6 Colors11 x 17$1.50$1.10$0.75
7 Colors8.5 x 11$1.50$1.10$0.75
7 Colors11 x 17$1.75$1.30$0.90
8 Colors8.5 x 11$1.75$1.30$0.90
8 Colors11 x 17$2.00$1.50$1.05
9 Colors8.5 x 11$2.25$1.50$1.05
9 Colors11 x 17$2.50$1.70$1.20

Vinyl Cutting

The Roland CAMM-1 Pro GX-500 vinyl cutter is used to cut vinyl with a drag-knife to create weather-resistant graphic designs, such as single-color line art or typography. It is operated by the acting managers on an appointment schedule.

Customers can make an appointment 24 hours ahead of time for an initial consultation. The GOlab needs 48 hours to complete the cutting, weeding, and taping. Customers can choose to provide their own vinyl or use the GOlab’s inventory of indoor/outdoor black or white vinyl.

See our policies and procedures to make sure you’re ready to cut! If you need specifics on how to save your file for vinyl cutting, see our resources.

Vinyl Cutting Prices

Appointments and Labor
$10.00 per hour

Provided Vinyl
$2.00 per sq. ft.

Transfer Tape
$1.00 per sq. ft.

Book Binding

Perfect binding is provided inside the Graphics Lab, is a DIY process, and allows customers to bind the pages of a book with thermal activated glue. Wire-o binding is additionally DIY. The machine allows students to punch holes and add a looped-wire to enclose the pages.

Demo videos for both binding machines can be found in our resources. If you have additional questions or want to make an appointment for a hands-on demo, talk to a GOlab employee. Hands-on demos require appointments made 24 hours in advance.

Binding Prices

Wire-O Binding
$2.00 per book

Perfect Binding
$2.50 per book

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