2023 KI Senior Show

With this website, the Department of Kinetic Imaging celebrates the graduating class of 2023 and highlights the work of this year’s very talented seniors whose work is presented through various platforms, including physical exhibitions, a screening of single-channel, time-based work, and web-based projects. Click the links below for more information, including the locations, dates/times, and students involved in each of the associated events.


Monday, May 1st, 2023 from 4:30 to 6:30 PM

The Byrd Theatre (2908 W Cary St)

Web-based Projects

The web projects display a breadth of media and technique, with styles ranging from documentary to abstract and experimental. The release date of the Web Projects is TBD! Stay tuned for the future projects!


BFA Capstone Exhibitions at The Anderson

Round I – March 15-20, 2023

Round I Opening Reception: March 15 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM

Round II – March 24-29, 2023

Round II Opening Reception: March 24 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM

Participating Artists

Marie Anderson

Marie Anderson

Marie Anderson, born in 2001, is a Virginia-based experimental animator, illustrator, and sound artist who portrays fantasies and variations of disruption, monstrosity, and memory. In their practice, they wield the obtuse, electronic intensity of horror aesthetics coupled with a quiet romance with the mundane to approach themes of gender, the fragmented self, and introspective apocalyptic doom. Marie will graduate (tentatively) summa cum laude in 2023 with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging and a minor in Art History from VCUarts and the Honors College. They have received a departmental award of excellence and have gained professional experience from internships in the fields of animation and sound design. After graduation, they hope to begin their career in media arts commercially and privately, expanding on their portfolio and, in time, applying to festivals and residencies.

Claire Evan

Claire Evan

Claire Evan (b. 2001) is a multimedia artist from Mechanicsville, Virginia. She will receive a BFA in Kinetic Imaging with a minor in Media Studies in May of 2023. Her current practice is centered around bookmaking, modular synthesizers, and sentimentality. Claire will pursue a career in graphic design and live audio in Richmond post-graduation. You can find her work at claireevan.com

Andrea Garcia Gamez

Charlie Hodge

Rayna Hugo

Rayna Hugo

Rayna Hugo is a Filipina-American (b.2000) multimedia producer and designer from Virginia Beach, VA. A new chapter begins in May 2023, where she will earn a BFA in Kinetic Imaging with minors in Sound Design and Media Studies at vcuarts. As a new-age, circus art-practitioner, Rayna enjoys performing, making things, and making things perform— all to investigate social illusions and whimsy. Doing so, Rayna accepted an award of excellence in her major, was the first KI student to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea after the height of the pandemic, and has proudly held creative roles in 5 internships. Post grad, she hopes to craft immersive brand experiences as a 2023 MAIP fellow, as well as design visuals for live productions.

Kendall Kelly

Kendall Kelly

Kendall Kelly (b.2001) is a 3D artist and animator from Charlotte, North Carolina. She will complete her BFA in Kinetic Imaging in May of 2023. Kendall focuses mainly on interactive 3D work and creating a sense of wonder, utilizing game engines and creative coding to bring her ideas to life. While enrolled, she received a provost merit scholarship, was on Dean’s List for all four years, and received the Arts & Health research grant in 2022 from Virginia Commonwealth University for her virtual reality project Sentiment Voice, which was exhibited at the National Organization of Arts in Health Conference at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland in 2022. Kendall will pursue a career in Technical Art after graduation.

Dj Vang

Dj Vang

Dj Vang is a Hmong-American animation and visual design artist from Gainesville, Virginia. She will complete her BFA in Kinetic imaging with a certificate of product innovation through the Da Vinci Center in May of 2023. She has had many creative internships through her years at university which has helped her style and technical skills grow. Dj’s plans after graduation is to join an animation studio and continue her personal creative practice. You can find more about her works and projects at djvartist.myportfolio.com

Acacia C. Oliver

Acacia C. Oliver b 2001 , is a Time-based , New Media Artist from Pg County, MD currently residing in the DMV Metropolitan Area .  Acacia will receive her BFA in Kinetic Imaging – May 2023 graduating Magna Cum Laude . Acacia considers herself a tinker because her work seeks to interface human experiences and technology through experimental media. Acacia spends her time working with wearable technology, creative code , immersive sound design , video , and 2D/3D animations. Acacia investigates ideas surrounding  identity , spirituality , origins, consciousness,  futurism , and  socially engaged art seeking to uplift voices that are overlooked, and expand how people interact with technology and art in all forms.  During her time at VCUarts. Acacia became a Kinetic Imaging Department Representative , maintained her honors academic standing, and won a Kinetic Imaging Award of Excellence. Acacia recently was involved in a Nike x NOCTA Air Force One commercial and had the opportunity to shadow post production, and was handpicked on set to become a featured actor. Acacia plans on pursuing her career in the fields of post production, creative coding,  sound design, as well as actively  applying to residencies around the world, seeking to further push the boundaries of art and technology.

Ximena Guerrero-Zdeinert

XIM3NA (b. 2001) is a Virginia-based artist originally from Mexico City. In 2023, XIM3NA will receive her BFA in Kinetic Imaging at VCUArts. While enrolled, she received a Student of Excellence Award, grant funding through a VCU YouFirst Fellowship to attend the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and remained on the Dean’s List all four years. 

XIM3NA’s work focuses on the ephemeral space between reality and self-image; with the creation of self-produced comedy sketch bits and animated shorts, she explores how modern day self-expression is hindered in favor of standardized consumer cultures. After graduating, XIM3NA will continue to produce mixed-media video works with her brother, Manuel Guerrero-Zdeinert (b.2002).

Alyssa Scinta

Alyssa Scinta, originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and now residing in Virginia, is a multimedia visual designer. In 2023, she received their BFA in Kinetic Imaging with a minor in Media studies. During her studies, she explored such topics as loss, synesthesia, disassociation, self awareness, and spiritual awakenings through media such as video, graphic art, visual programming, projection art, sound, and many more. After graduation, above all things, they hope to spread love through their community through media that speaks louder than any word. Scinta will pursue a video, lighting, or audio career for musicians, festivals, or recording labels.  You may find her work at alyssalaurenscinta.squarespace.com

Charles Burns

Charles was born in 2000 in Herndon, Virginia. He graduated from Oakton High School in 2019, and will receive his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in summer 2023. Charles is a 2D animator and illustrator who specializes in dynamic action animation, and plans to work in a professional studio as a storyboard artist in the future.